Grade School


At the end of the elementary course, students should be able to:

  1. Increase their understanding of God’s character and work, and develop a personal relationship with God as the Creator and source of life;
  2. Embody positive character traits necessary to promote a wholesome community life in the school setting and the society at large;
  3. Establish and achieve personal goals to attain physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being;
  4. Attain a strong academic foundation and character, model positive leadership skills, and fulfilling their individual potential;
  5. Exhibit independence, passion for learning and the ability to think for themselves and not be merely reflectors of others’ thoughts;
  6. Begin to develop the ability to make right choices and decisions, and to accept responsibility for those choices including the consequences and rewards;
  7. Read, write, and compute fluently;
  8. Develop and advance their proficiency in listening, and speaking in English and Filipino;
  9. Develop a strong knowledge base about the natural world and assimilate what they learn to become better stewards of God’s world and resources;
  10. Solve problems by employing such skills as hypothesizing, observing, investigating, record-keeping, analyzing and drawing conclusions.