From enriching academic forums to lively and enjoyable gatherings, our events empower both students and professionals to excel in their field.

Dynamic Leadership Events: Inspiring Growth Together

Dive into faith-based leadership resources, fostering lifelong learning and growth. Engage with international speakers and mentors, gaining invaluable insights from diverse perspectives to navigate global challenges with confidence.

Learning Events

Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship Masterclass

Dylan wilk purpose driven entrepreneurship
Masterclass with Dylan Wilk, CEO of Human Nature
Navigate your path to impact and learn from a top industry expert how to use purpose-driven entrepreneurship to shape a lasting legacy!

Topics: ⁠Being a Purpose Driven Entrepreneur, ⁠Transitioning to a Purpose Driven Enterprise, ⁠Human Resource Management with a Purpose, Best Practices of a Purpose Driven Enterprise, Ethical Stewardship

Date & Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on April 27, 2024
Location: Life Academy International (New Building), CCF Center
Price: Php 500
E-certificate and Group Mentoring Session

Light Camp: SHS Leadership Camp

July 2024
Step into Light Camp: Transformative Leadership for Senior High School Students. Immerse in LAIC's philosophy, sharpening Christ-centered leadership skills to shine in families, campuses, and communities.

Community Events

One-On-One Consultations

Personalized Pathways March 2024
Discover personalized academic pathways and campus insights in an exclusive sit-down with our Education Consultants, tailored for both students and parents eager to explore opportunities at LAI.

Life Campus Private Tour

Exclusive Campus Preview Feb 2024
Go on an exclusive tour of our vibrant city campus to catch a glimpse of Life at LIFE and envision your journey ahead.

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