Do you accept foreign students?

Yes, we accept foreign students with proper documentation; however, the available slot for foreign students is only 10% of the total student population.


What is the coverage of the test?

The admission test for Grades 1 and up include an IQ test, and a content-based test including English, Math and Filipino. Grade 7 and 11 students who have Chinese background wil also have a Chinese placement test to determine their level. Those without Chinese background, are required to take a 30- hour Chinese course in April 2016.

Please see the table below for more details.

Level for 2016-2017 With Chinese Background Without Chinese Background
Pre-nursery to Grade 3 No test No test
Pre-nursery to Grade 3 Chinese Placement Test Summer Chinese Course (Required)*

*The Summer Chines Course is a 30-hour course that will be offered in April 2016.


Could we have a tour of the school?

Yes, but tours are scheduled on the same day of tests.


What are the admission requirements and procedure for new students?

Please visit the Admissions page.


When could we know the results of the admission?

The results will be given out about a week after the test was taken.


When could I reserve a slot for my child?

Once you receive the Notice of Acceptance, and sign Admission Contract, you may already reserve a slot for your child. After paying the reservation fee, the slot will be reserved. Paying the reservation fee does not mean that the student is already enrolled.


What is the age requirement per grade level, and how many slots are there?

(Note: the total slots are subject to change upon receiving student-applicants’ payment of reservation fee.)

Level Age Max. no. of students per class No.of sections Total Slots Available
Pre-nursery* 3 12 1 12
Nursery* 4 12 2 13
Kinder* 5 20 2 26
Grade 1 6 20 2 11
Grade 2 7 24 2 19
Grade 3 8 24 1 3
Grade 7 12 24 2 30
Grade 11 16 24 3 58

What do we need to bring for the test?

Please bring the exam permit. All other test materials will be provided.


Do you accept students who are non-Christians or non-CCF members?

Yes, Life Academy accepts students regardless of their religious affiliation, but parents and students must understand and accept that through our education and activities, we inculcate Christian values and practices, and expect Christ-like behavior from our students.


Do you accept transferees in the middle of the year?

No. The school shall only accept applications until July 30, 2016. Old and new students should be enrolled not later than July 20, 2016.