Student Admission

  • Do you accept students who are non-Christians or non-CCF members?
    Yes, Life Academy accepts students regardless of their religious affiliation, but parents and students must understand and accept that through our education and activities, we inculcate Christian values and practices, and expect Christ-like behavior from our students.
  • Do you accept foreign students?
    Yes, we accept foreign students with proper documentation; however, the available slot for foreign students is only 10% of the total student population.
  • Do you accept transferees in the middle of the year?
    No. The school shall only accept applications until July 30, 2016. Old and new students should be enrolled not later than July 20, 2016.
  • What are the admission requirements and procedure for new students?
    Please visit the Admissions page.
  • What do we need to bring for the test?
    Please bring the exam permit. All other test materials will be provided.
  • What is the coverage of the test?
    The admission test for Grades 1 and up include an IQ test, and a content-based test including English, Math and Filipino. Grade 7 and 11 students who have Chinese background wil also have a Chinese placement test to determine their level. Those without Chinese background, are required to take a 30- hour Chinese course in April 2016. Please see the table below for more details.
    Level for 2016-2017 With Chinese Background Without Chinese Background
    Pre-nursery to Grade 3 No test No test
    Pre-nursery to Grade 3 Chinese Placement Test Summer Chinese Course (Required)*
    *The Summer Chines Course is a 30-hour course that will be offered in April 2016.
  • What is the schedule for interview?
    Interviews with the Guidance Counselor are scheduled every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00PM to 3:00PM except during public holidays, and school holidays. Parents of qualified student applicants will be informed by phone or SMS, for the schedule of the final interview with the Principal, and the release of the Notice of Acceptance.
  • When could we know the results of the admission?
    The results will be given out about a week after the test was taken.
  • Could we have a tour of the school?
    Yes, but tours are scheduled on the same day of tests.
  • When could I reserve a slot for my child?
    Once you receive the Notice of Acceptance, and sign Admission Contract, you may already reserve a slot for your child. After paying the reservation fee, the slot will be reserved. Paying the reservation fee does not mean that the student is already enrolled.
  • How much is the reservation fee?
    The reservation fee is ten thousand pesos (P10,000) per student. It is non-refundable and non-transferable. The amount will be deducted from the tuition fee during the enrollment. Please keep the original receipt, and present it during enrolment.
  • What are the levels offered?
    We have classes from Pre-nursery to Grade 11 for School Year 2016- 2017. Grade 12 will be offered in S.Y. 2017- 2018. However, only the following levels shall be open for new students and transferees: Pre-nursery to Grade 3, Grade 7, 8, 9, 10 and Grade 11, unless the student- applicant has a sibling who is already enrolled at Life Academy.
  • What is the age requirement per grade level, and how many slots are there?
    (Note: the total slots are subject to change upon receiving student-applicants’ payment of reservation fee.)
    Level Age Max. no. of students per class No.of sections Total Slots Available
    Pre-nursery* 3 12 1 12
    Nursery* 4 12 2 13
    Kinder* 5 20 2 26
    Grade 1 6 20 2 11
    Grade 2 7 24 2 19
    Grade 3 8 24 1 3
    Grade 7 12 24 2 30
    Grade 11 16 24 3 58
  • School Clubs and Activities

  • Do you have clubs and other activities?
    Currently, Grades 1 to 2 students have Life Skills and Games and Calisthenics, and Scouting. Grade 3 have Scouting on Fridays. Students from Grades 4 and up may choose from: Scouting, Sports, Theater Arts, Science, Culinary Arts, Art & Personality Development, Robotics, Campus Journalism, Dance, Entrepreneurship Club. Students in the higher levels may also tryout Debate Team, Boy’s Basketball Varsity Team and Girl’s Volleyball Varsity Team. They may also serve and take up leadership roles as a member of the Student Council by being elected as class officer. Students are aslo required to participate in the weekly Chapel time, and monthly school events. Please visit the Club page.
  • School Facilities

  • What are the available facilities?
    Life Academy has a gym, two standard basketball courts, three badminton courts, a dance studio, six music rooms, a choir room, three libraries, two science laboratories, a computer laboratory, automobile shop room, a TLE laboratory, a carpentry laboratory, a culinary arts laboratory, two arts room, main laibrary, early grades library, and a student lounge. Please visit the Facilities page.
  • Teachers and Administrators

  • Who is the Principal of Life Academy?
    The Principal of Life Academy is Rev. Dr. Leonides T. Son, who has a Doctorate and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management. He has served as a pastor, principal and vice principal in other Christian schools. He is also an Apple Certified Foundations Trainer, and the National Training Commissioner of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines.
  • Where are the teachers from?
    Majority of the teachers are from Metro Manila. They are graduates of reputable schools, universities, and state universities, LET passers, and experienced teachers who specialize in their subject area, and may have taught in other Christian schools. For Music, the teachers are Christian musicians from AMP (Applied Music Program), who are all graduates from the University of the Philippines, and specialize in the instruments that they teach (voice, violin, piano, guitar, and drums). For Art, the teacher is a UP Fine Arts graduate with vast experience in using different media, and in teaching Visual Arts in a formal school setting.
  • School Calendar and Timetable

  • When does school start?
    Beginning S.Y. 2016- 2017, the school year shall begin in August. The first day of school is on August 1, 2016. Please visit our Facebook Page (https://facebook.com/ccflifeacademy) sometime in July 2016 for the School Calendar 2016-17.
  • When is enrollment?
    The enrollment schedule is from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. only on the following dates:
    Date Surnames beginning with
    May 16 A to D
    May 17 E to J
    May 18 K to M
    May 19 N to Z
    May 20 Free for All
    May 22 to 31 Late Enrollees w/ surcharge
    Reminder, please bring the following upon enrolment:
    • Notice of Conditional Acceptance
    • Original receipt for the payment of the Reservation Fee
    • Original and photocopy of complete report card(s) of the previous year
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character
    Additional notes:
    • Please check our Facebook page around for updates regarding the schedule of uniform- fitting, and ID picture-taking.
    • Late enrollees will be charged one thousand pesos (1,000) per student.
    • Deadline for submission of application and requirements is on April 30, 2016.
    Please visit the Admission page.
  • What time do classes start and end on regular days?
    Level Time
    Pre-Nursery Morning Session 9:00AM to 11:30AM
    Nursery Morning Session 8:00AM to 11:00AM
    Kinder 8:00AM to 1:30PM
    Grade 1 to 3 7:30AM to 3:15PM
    Grade 4-10 7:30AM to 4:00PM
    Grade 11 7:30AM to 4:30PM
  • What is the teacher-student ratio or class size?
    Level No. of Students No. of Teachers
    Pre- Nursery, Nursery 12 3: 1 Main, 1 Assistant, 1 Chinese Teacher
    Kinder 20 3: 1 Main, 1 Assistant, 1 Chinese Teacher
    Grade 1 20 1 Main, 1 Assistant, 1 Chinese, 3-4 Subject Teachers (Art, PE, Music, Computer)
    Grade 2 20 2 Main, 1 Chinese, 3-4 Subject Teachers (Art, PE, Music, Computer)
    Grade 3 24 2 Main, 1 Chinese, 3-4 Subject Teachers (Art, PE, Music, Computer)
    Grade 4 and up 32 11 Subject Teachers, including Homeroom Teacher
  • How many sections are there per level?
    There would be two sections for Nursery to Grade 2, Grade 7 and 8, and one section for the rest of the levels. For Grade 11, there would be 3 classes (Science and Technology, Business and Accountancy, and Humanities).
  • Services

  • Does Life Academy provide school bus service?
    Feel free to call our office to get the contact details of our third-party school bus service providers. Please visit the School Bus Service page.
  • Where will the students have lunch, and does the total fee include meals or snacks?
    The students may bring packed lunch or buy their meals from the food stalls on the ground floor cafeteria. The school fees do not include meals or snacks. Please see Assembly Area Facility here.
  • Fees

  • How much is the tuition?
    To get more information about our school fees, you may: Visit us in our office at the Mezzanine Floor of CCF Center from Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 11:30AM, 1:30PM to 3:30 PM; or The updated tuition fees table for S.Y. 2016- 2017 will be uploaded on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/ccflifeacademy), and our website (https://www.lifeacademy.edu.ph) soon. Like us on Facebook to access our page. Please visit the Fees page.
  • Are there tuition discounts?
    Starting SY 2015-2016, there would be sibling discounts of five thousand pesos (P5,000) per sibling per school year, up to three siblings. For example, a family with four children enrolled in the same school year will enjoy a P5,000-discount for the second, third, and fourth child, a total of P15,000.00 discount for the family. A family with two children enrolled will enjoy a P5,000.00 discount for the second child.
  • Do you have payment terms?
    Yes. You may choose from any of three payment terms: Annual, Semi-annual, or Quarterly payments. For Quarterly payments, there would be a one-time surcharge fee of P2,000.00. Post-dated cheques must be dated 15th of May and October for Semi-annual payment, and 15th of May, August, November and February for Quarterly payments. Acknowledgment receipts will be issued for post-dated cheques. Official receipts will be issued when the cheques are cleared. Please visit the Fees page.
  • How much are the books and uniform?
    The posted school fees do not include the cost for books and uniform. Cost of books and uniform vary per level and size, respectively. Please inquire through our Business Office during office hours.
  • Can we pay using credit card?
    Currently, we only accept cash or cheque. Cheques must be payable to CCF Life Academy Foundation, Inc. or CCF Life Academy.
  • Curriculum

  • What subjects are offered per level?
    The aim for Pre-nursery and Nursery is to prepare toddlers for schooling, and to develop them in different domains of competencies such as linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, socio-emotional, and psycho-motor domains, through a developmentally appropriate and theme-based, instead of subject-based, approach. In a subject-based approach, students from Kinder to Grade 8 shall take up the following subjects:
    Subject Kinder Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
    MAPEH  w/o Health
    Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao
    Social Studies
  • What books do you use?
    The books are by local (e.g. Rex Bookstore, Vibal, Phoenix, etc.) and foreign publishers (e.g. Bob Jones University Press, Beijing Press, and Marshall Cavendish).
  • Are you a traditional or a progressive school?
    We employ an eclectic approach, taking advantage of both traditional and progressive education. We believe that traditional approach is more suited for young learners as they need more guidance and structure in developing strong academic foundations, self-discipline and good study habits; so that as they mature, they would be equipped and ready for self- regulated, collaborative, project-based tasks.
  • Are all students required to take Chinese classes? What if my child has never learned the language before? What if my child already has background in Chinese?
    Students will learn Mandarin, Simplified Chinese (writing), and pinyin (Chinese phonology). The focus is on the effective use of language for communication , developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. English is used as the medium of instruction, and lessons are delivered with the aid of technology. The Chinese book comes with a CD that even parents with no background in Chinese may use to study and learn the language with their kids. New students with background in Chinese (Grades 6 to 10), will be given a Chinese placement test as part of their Admissions Test, to group them according to their Chinese skill level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. New students (Grade 6 to 10) with no background in Chinese are required to take the Summer Chinese Course.
  • Do you offer Singapore Math?
    Singapore Math does not refer to a specific kind of Mathematics subject; it refers to an approach or method of teaching Math in Singapore, and is now gaining popularity in many countries. Life Academy adopted the Singapore Math approach for Kinder to Grade 6, which emphasizes problem-solving, and uses concrete subjects and pictures in teaching and learning. For Grade 7 to 10, students take specialized Math and Science subjects.
  • Are you a home school or a conventional school?
    We are a conventional school where students are required to come to school from Monday to Friday. If you are interested in home schooling, please contact TMA Home School (tel. no. 234-0432)